By the light of the moon

By the light of the moon

Friday, January 27, 2017

Books that inspire creativity,Danny Gregory and his books brilliant.

 Books are just something that I love and treasure,especially art books and craft type books,there is something special about a lazy free day when you can just lay back and browse a  beautiful book that inspires you to pick up a tool be it a pen, pencil,paint,whatever you use,its just wonderful to be so inspired that you cant wait to create.
 Every now again I will share some of my most loved books and today its Danny Gregory all the way,you will find him on you tube and his books on Amazon and at sketch book school,he is awesome and so inspiring!
 The books I am sharing are his books An Illustrated Journey and An Illustrated Life,I come back to these books all time,they are filled with page upon page of awesome inspiration,the pictures are just amazing and the reading is so much fun,these books are books that I take on holidays and just where ever I know I will be waiting and so they help time fly,I just love them.

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